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Ghetto Physics         Supporting    Dir: Raymond Brown


Internal Behaviors   Supporting    Dir: Mark Schaefer

TTYL                           Supporting    Dir: Harrison Thomas

The Road Ahead      Supporting    Dir: Troy Whitaker

Albi                             Supporting    Dir: Eddy Martin


Different                    Supporting    Dir: Eddy Martin


How To Eat Like A Child   Billy         Twin City Players

Bleacher Bums                 The Kid    Lake Michigan College



List Available Upon Request

2010 - present


Scene Study: Joanne Baron

Sitcom: Mary Lou Belli


Improv: UCB Graduate, The Groundlings Drew Droege (Intermediate)

Cold Reading: Annie Grindlay


Voice Over: David H Lawrence XVII, Richard Horvitz, Kirsten Day, Greg Chun

Commercial: Danielle Eskinazi, Laurie Records, Terry Berland, Robert B Martin Jr, Alyson Horn Casting-Joy Lofton, Judy Kain, Killian McHugh, Mike Pointer


2010 - present

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